Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is God Godly?

Who has more power? God or Devil?

Think for a moment before answering. Did you say God? BAM!BAM!BAM! Wrong my dear reader. Who needs God if there is no devil? What good is God who has nothing to do that a man can't? God needs the Devil, without whom God has no purpose. In fact, it is the Devil that makes God what He is - God.

If you believe in God, you have to believe in Devil before you place your faith in God. So, obviously God derives the reason for His existence from the Devil. God markets Himself based on his ability to beat the Devil. That says it all.

Of all religious baddies communities, the Hindu system of villains is pretty complicated than any other. And the one that comes the closest to today's scenario. You got three layers to that - the Devas (who dwell the upperworld), Nara (human race occupying the middleworld) and Asuras (who live in the underworld). And then there are generations and generations of Asuras.

Devas are the laziest buggers who do nothing except to get drunk and keep staring at the heavenly, perfectly shaped beauties (and these bloody satyrs have not just one but four of them!!) dancing all the time. And you have all sorts of cases filed against them - from civil to criminal. Stealing other's wives, gross misuse of power and authority, forgery and what not. Pedophilia was added recently, I heard. Especially against the head of them all - Indra, whose sexual appetite never seems to be satiated. He has a particular weakness for married women. He devours any form feminine - not only the deva kannigas, but also rishi patnis, nara kannigas. Of his asura kanniga preys, I don't know much. Probably, the Devas bureaucracy was effective in brushing it under the carpet. Or probably the media at that time was not as eager and able as today "to seek justice and equity". Think of how CNN IBN would have covered such a story with "intelligent investigations and meaningful discussions"!!!

Now, to the Asuras. They are the hard-working ones, who work their way up, by doing yogas of varying levels of difficulty to get "power" from the Lords. In fact, most Asuras are more devout than most Devas. With their new "powers", they try to restore some sense in the system that has been utterly ruined by Devas. So, they challenge the Devas to bring justice and peace not only to them but also the mankind that suffers at the hands of Devas.

Obviously, how can you expect those lusty loafers, Devas, to save themselves, let alone fight and win the mighty Asuras? Always, they lose their wars to Asuras and then go on begging to the Lords to save them. But, it seems merit has no place in this world and That world, whatsoever. Forgetting or rather ignoring the right of Asuras, the Gods, who are assigned to specific type of complaint or a particular asura, just like we have surgeons for specific ailments today, go and kill that poor asura, who asked for nothing but justice. Seems we don't have communists among Gods!!!

Or rather, is it a preemption of Darwin's "survival of fittest"? Gods helping the morally weak and powerless Devas survive against the mighty, fittest Asuras. After all, Gods seem to be security guards or goondas if you will, of the dirty Devas, saving their chairs from Asuras. After all, a chair is a chair is a chair. Be it, loksabha, rajyasabha or the heavenly devasabha.

They say "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Imagine how corrupted the devious Devas would be, given their powers - they are immortal, they can get away with any misdeed and they have their faithful guards - the Gods, to save them if somebody bullies them.

Why would someone with a shred of common sense have faith in a safety system full of saviors who seem to be so utterly biased against a specific race - Asuras? And have you ever thought about the typical depiction of Devas and Asuras - Devas are fair, slim and almost effeminate and live up north; Asuras are dark, fattish, with a bushy mustache and live almost always down south and down under. Does it mean anything to you?

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Gino said...

Ahaaaa... Atlast.. it can be written in HIStory that Gino was the first one to post a comment for YOU.... Jus wanted to say....i liked the line... “IGNORANCE WAS BLISS. I CHOSE NOT TO BE BLISSFUL." Definitely a painful choice... but i feel.. its worth it....

Janani said...

hey azhagiya asura!!! chancey illa da... one can never expect the kind of posts u'd come up amazes me as to how different can people think..
sometimes i feel am a non thinking person dude! u know y.. coz i ve never thought so much about these things...all the stories that i ve been told, i ve heard and read.. i just have this demarcation etched in my lil brain... devas, nice lookin good people..asuras... ketavanga..., unruly, uncouth..wat not anti-good, ana unoda post padicitu... am THINKING.....G.G.G.G... SARAVANA KALAKREY DA DEYYY...!

kriz said...

Hey Dude !!!

What to do HISTORY is always written by the people who WINS.... Moreover see even GOD is a MASS HERO , he need to hit a villain...So Asura's are made VILLAINS...

I think you have forgotten about Ravana, he is described as beautiful and the one with the qualities of masculinity, honor, consistency, reliability, and justice to a greater extent than did Rama....Yes Ravana, MahaBali..etc..none of these people or real character is disclosed completely...if it had been done there would not be any fear about they didn't reveal make our GOD's SUPER HERO's we made a villain out of ASURA's...;)

sk said...

@ thnx Gin & Jan.

my next post as i indicated is about rama. hopefully i cover some of what you said there.

suri said...


as they say hell and heaven are here on eath, so is good and bad defined by your consience and to an extent the society aroundu.

nudity was a bad thing for the last 50 years , now it is common, it was common a 1000 years back goin by the record of our temples.Also ramayana was prob written in an age when they had a different set of morals. Whether it is valid as yet , whether infidelity is such a big issue any more is a question which is worth asking

So probably what u need to understnd is the allegorical reference or take it as a myth.

Lstly every generation defines its own heroes.Sachin would be untouchable ten years back, today he is abused in is god. suit yourself . define your own god ........

sk said...


I do agree that different moral codes have been popular in different ages.

1. But in any civilization, particularly in one that calls itself a great one just as we do, husband-wife relationship is one of trust. That i think is true any day. That Rama is so ready to breach that in the name of "societal norms" speaks so low of his character.

2. As you pointed out rightly, making Rama a perfect model for today is completely anachronistic.

3. Even when I try to take asura/deva divide as an allegory, I find th devas so full of despicable qualities. Asuras seem to be better. And more over, the geographical references seem to suggest a strong regional+racial bias. After all, what is ramayana? A north indian prince, who is also a God, killing a Ceylonese king, who is a demon, with the help of monkeys in south india.