Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thus spake Sk...

Heart is that part of the mind where memory has failed.

Post Background:
"If u have reasons for liking someone, then you are using your mind.
But if you like someone for no reason, then you are using your heart."
- a sms forward


Priya said...

Great! Nice quote. Post this quote in my new blog can? On the quotes page. The add ->


vigneshwaran shanmugam said...

but liking someone without reason is the real affection!

liking someone for a reason may be gratitude or something like that

sk said...

Thanks a lot, Priya!


//Liking someone without any reason is "real affection"?//

Your observation reflects the confusion or rather the conviction that many people have. Everything happens for a reason. It's just that we dont recognize the reason(s). And there is nothing wrong in loving someone for a reason. In fact, the clearer u know it, the better it is.

Durga said...

So Sk, Do u like me? If so is it with ur mind or your heart? ;)

sk said...

hahaha, i do like you, durga. But do you think i would do that if i had a mind? ;P

Durga said...

aww so u like me with your heart?
shoo sweet!

Sowmya said...

"ignorance was bliss. i chose not to be blissful." - Nice caption :)

What do u mean by " original sin..?

sk said...

Thanks Sowmya!

Well, the title "The Original Sin" is a metaphor. Essentially, I use it to refer to THINKING.

It has its roots from Adam-Eve story, which you would have studied in school. Eve and Adam are chucked out of the Heaven, all because they ate "the Forbidden Fruit", which apparently is the fruit of knowledge, falling for the Satan's/serpent's temptation. So gaining knowledge is The Original Sin (used with the definite article 'the').

Actually this raises a lot of interesting questions? Is knowledge evil? Is one who advocates knowledge, a Satan? and a lot more... ;)


Ji-know said...

Why you not blogging.... BUSY???

Sowmya said...

Accumulating knowledge is simply dumping some thing in ur mind. That may fetch you some recognition in the society.No way it will help you to know ur self. Knowledge is boundless. and if you search for it, you cant feel the contentment of living. Happiness lay with the ignorance :)

You have a good flow of thoughts !

sk said...

Thanks once again!

I think probably i should have used "awareness", which is implicitly an active form, instead of knowledge, which implies passivity. Anyway, let me clarify. By knowledge, i meant not the inert information that we pile upon ourselves in school/college, but the fruit of the active application of that info. It is more about what we do with what we have rather than what we have per se.

//Knowledge is boundless. and if you search for it, you cant feel the contentment of living. Happiness lay with the ignorance :)//
Depends on how you define knowledge and how much of its is "yours". Well, this requires a long debate, which we can have, We willing. ;)