Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ha.. ha.. Haasini!

Bommarillu – a beautiful dream.

A dream so beautiful that it is so hard to believe. A boy fed up of/choked by his dad’s overbearing love falls in love with a gal who lives for herself. Again it might be because I might have read too much into Ha Ha Haasini’s character and whatever she utters. For, I would love to think of her apparent asininity as something out of choice rather than by design. I would like to think of that as a choice to retain the child in her, which requires brains as well as lots of guts. Well, to put it shortly, not a dumb blonde. Half way into the movie, Sid asks Geni how come she believes things like “you’ll get horns if get your head butted on just one side”. She just says something like “Aren’t they beautiful?” Kaathaa?! ;)

Film buffs might trash this film as just another piece of totally mindless cinema. Well, I find even such lighter films equally interesting, though in a different way, as those of the serious “critically acclaimed” genre. It is the simple difference between carefully constructed logic and a simple dream. What was and what could have been. While ‘serious, real’ films deal with the complexities/nuances of human nature such as pre/extra marital affairs and violence, those like Bommarillu are about what could have been. It is about expression of oneself. That might seem too much for a light film like Bommarillu. That said, Bommarillu scores by keeping its narration simple, and its dialogues, crisp. Especially, the exchange between Sid and Prakashraj at the end is so beautiful because of its sheer simplicity. In sum, a dream that I would like watch over and over.

Santosh SubramaniamBommarillu botched up.

Raja and Ravi - Born to remake successful golti films that have Siddarth. And successfully make an unthinkably dumb imitation. The telugu tunes don’t fit well and songs sound so un-Tamil. Ravi can’t emote for nuts. His voice is also a sore point. Santhaanam’s comedy was kinda enjoyable. But somehow, I started finding Premji irritating right in his second film. Enna koduma sir ithu!

Dasavatharam audio cd release function was a foolishly big ego-fest. The speakers had no other job other than blow up egos of Kamal and Kalaingar. I just don't get why Jackie Chan and Amitabh were needed in the first place. Kamal's speech was totally unpalatable even for the few minutes that I watched. Kamal again proved he has a dumb side to himself by choosing the monkey-cap music director. Why the hell did he have to do that when he had all the time and money to get ARR or at least, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy? Just beats me. With the music already declared disappointing, I hope the film doesn’t turn out to be another unprofitable extravaganza like Aalavandhaan.


Kp said...

Yea Sk.. after watching the audio relaese even i was so damn upset. after all the waiting, i doubt the success of the movie! It was too dramatised podium... absolutely unrelated people... Oops!Kinda lost interest in movie after listening to the pathetic songs! and movie SS.... evlo thairiyam poin pathu irukeenga!! ;)

Sathiyan said...

Agree 100% da...Movie was a total waste of time...Andha mathiri loose ponna ellam cinema la thaan love panna mudiyum..I wud hav preferred to have Gapdain or TR in Ravi's role...padam pichikittu odi irukkum !!! :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:) Well said about the Dasavatharam..

Santhosh Sub was a good movie..Enna finally it would have been made a little sensible. :)