Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sathya(m) Sothanai!

This was supposed to be a post on deeper philosophical musings about The Joker, Into the wild, and life at large. But sloth does take its toll! However, watching Satyam (starring Vishal and Nayan) fills me with so much of hopelessness and hate (even after that steamy song of Nayan!) that I better let it out.

They say the best form of flattery is imitation. Here, Vishal has tried hard to flatter far too many people that I lost count almost within first half hour of the film. You feel a heavy, sustained sense of déjà vu all through the film. Home alone, Indian, Kaakka Kaakka, Saamy, Casino Royale (Yeh!! The chase at Airport!), ummhhh… and loads of tam and golti films. Heard Satyam is running to empty halls. How about a contest to identify as many films as possible that have “inspired” Satyam? And at the climax, Vishal shouts “Ithu thaanda Police!” Believe me, am not kidding!

After a point, which you get to too soon, you feel a sense of the calmness of a monk inside. You realise that nothing can be worse and in fact, start enjoying this comedy of (t)errors. Vishal takes himself so seriously that you cannot but help feeling loads of pity for that poor guy. But, of course, ovvovoru manushanukkum oru breaking point irukku! I found so much of inner peace that I watched this film in just three instalments. Great, right? After this, even Gautam Menon appears God! Vishal could have spent at least some of the time that he spent working out on his six-pack for thinking through this story, if you dare call it that.

Mothathula, Vishal-a on-screen mottai adichuttaanga, off-screen mukkaadu pottutaanga! Enna panrathu, aalu valarntha alavu arivu valarala pola!

A Spicy, Mallu note:

Now, to add a bit of spice to this insipid post, just a reco. Well, this might not be as spicy as you might have wished for seeing the title. If you are a non-veggie, the next time you go to Kumarakom, order Kozhi Varutharaichathu (KV) and kerala parottta. KV is so rich in flavor, with oodles of coconut oil and pepper, that it just bowls you over. Forget those loads of calories you need to burn, just relish the moment. Carpe diem fellas!


krishnapriya said...

Hahahaaa.. funny one :) But Sk why all movie reviews???

R-ambam said...

Hi, first time here...
No comments for this post..though

I enjoyed reading most of the posts in ur blog :)

sk said...

hopefully some less stupid stuff sooner ;)

Thanks a ton!

Usha said...

hey, eppadi iruka? Andha padathai neeyum parthuttiya, no wonder you wanted to post a blog on it - vera engadhan polamba mudiyum? ;)

Preetha said...

wow.. u got thru the whole movie?

King Viswa said...

Let me share the experience we had. The Chennai VVS Team (8 Members) went to topslip on Aug 14th night & went to pollachi on 16th. That night all of us went to this movie for the night show (10.30 pm) and we started playing this "Identify the movie inspired from" game till 4 of my friends slept.

Finally, in the climax when vishal shouts, Ippa Naan enna seyya?, all of them woke up and were asking what happened.

we could count some 12 movies from which the film was inspired in the 1st half itself and lost interest in counting.

Nice review though.

King Viswa.

sk said...

antha padatha paakkara varaikkum nallaa thaan irunthen... nee solvathu unmai unmai unmai... ;)

ya ya fullaa paathen... atleast oru scene-aavathu nallaa irukkaathaa nu kadaisivaraikkum try pannen...

@king viswa
welcome! was reading through your blog yday... got transported to my school days when comics was more than life to me. got to get some of them and feel that magic soon.