Sunday, October 5, 2008

Perumal, prasadham, poi

A breezy, beautiful evening in the garden of The Sk-ool. Master Sk and Mura-Lee are sitting on the low hanging branches of a hundred year old banyan tree watching the golden rays of the dying sun filtering through the foliage. Mura-Lee lets out a sigh and says

"Perumal koil... perumal koil thaan. Enna prasaadham! Enna dharisanam! Chancey illa."

Sk: "Can't agree more. Particularly about the dharisanam, given his huge fan base."

M: "Btw, inniku romba specialaa irunthuthu. Krishnar bday pola. Wish panna neraya per vanthurunthaanga. Semma treat vera. Aaanaa oru vishayam puriala. Avar vaalkaila unmai sonnatha vida poi thaan jaasthi sollittu irunthaar. Eppdi ippdi oru dubaakkur aasaamiya saami nu othukkaraanga?"

Sk: "Simple and straight. Just answer this question. When do you think you need to be creative? When you are telling the truth or lying?"

M: "Hmmm... lying obviously."

Sk: "So, basically lying is about creativity. How well you can lie depends on how much creative you are. And by their definition, God is the ultimate creator. Right? So, the more you lie, the more you are creative and by implication, the more godly you are."

M: "What!!! Becoming a God is so easy as lying, is it?"

Sk: "Who said lying is easy? You got to be skilled enough to make others believe and at the same time, not fall for your own lies. And the latter part is pretty much tricky one you see. You got to be really really careful here. Illa you might trick yourself into believing in your genius and end up doing a Sathyam or Dasavatharam."

M: "Poi sonnaa thaan saamiyaaga mudiyumaa. Athunaala thaan Shivan petha pulla, kattuna pondaatti kittayae avlo poi sollirukkaar?"

Sk: "Exactly."

M: "But, poi sonnaa ummaachi kanna kuthidum nu solraangalae? Poi sonna vaai ku bojanam kedaikkaathu nu solraangalae?"

Sk: "Pinna? Competition jaasthiyaana paavam avanga enna pannuvaanga? Ithellaam game theory. Avangala maathiri ellaarum poi solla aarambichuttaa aprom avanga business eppdi odum, buvvaa ku enna pannuvaanga? Athaan poi sonnaa, saappaadu kedaikkaathu nu establish pannittaanga."

M: "Appa oru vela avanga solrathu poi thaan nu therinjuruchunaa, aprom ellaarum koil ku poratha niruthittaa?"

Sk: "Athukku thaan kailaasam, vaigundam nu sollittu market pannirukkaangalae. Nee pannrathukku yethaa mathiri 2-tier AC illa Sleeper kedaikkum, illa gumbaloda unreserved la thaan finalaa poganum nu sollittaa aprom namma makkal seat reserve pannrathukkaaga eppdi irunthaalum varuvaanga la? Aanaa mostly waiting list illa RAC la thaan odittu irukkum, seat confirm panna maattaanga. Confirm pannitaa business gaali aagidum la."

M: "Aanaa, Ramanujar thaan ellaathukkum vaigundathukku porathukku season ticket kuduthuttaare."

Sk: "Ennathu?"

M: "Athaan Thirukottiyur la koil suvar mela yeri ninnu "Om Namo Narayanaya" nu Vaigundathukku travel passcode kuduthaare."

Sk: "Oh, athuvaa... but on a serious note, what do you think about it? Did he do the right thing or not?"

M: "I think he must have been too compassionate to tell that to public despite his guru's warnings. What's your take?"

Sk: "I would say he must have been a big fool to have done that."

M: "Why?"

Sk: "Religion is about transformation and there is no magic to it."

M: "Then what about so many mantras? You mean there is no meaning in that?"

Sk: "Exactly. But in the sense that they by themselves mean nothing. To define, "உணர்ந்த ஒரு சொல் - மந்திரம்." There is no magic in it. It will help only at the Tipping Point. It will work only when the travel has already been done and when the traveler is on the brink."

M: "But, then any word would do. Right?"

Sk: "Bingo. Any word can do the trick. Om. Dum. Sk. Rajni. Anything is fine, if and only if he is at the tipping point."

M: "So this is what Osho means when he says "drop" it?"

Sk: "Could be."

M: "Aanaa, neenga avara vida periyaa gnaani naa!!!"

Sk: "Nejammaavaaa solra??!!!!"

M: "Hahahaa, haiyo haiyo EKSI. I just tried to be Godly, Master!"

Sk: "@@#$@!$!@$#!@$#!@$%@!%!@%"

Here is another post on Lies and what we stand to lose by not lying.


R-ambam said...

'Aanaa, neenga avara vida periyaa gnaani naa!!'
Perumaalukke prasadham.

SKeypaananda vukku ipdi oru aasaiya?

sk said...

Hahaha R-ambam
aduthu varra M-oda replya paakkalayaa neenga? ;)

krishnapriya said...

Paavam antha mura-lee... Hmmm... funny post yet! But you are sure 'Om' has no scientic reasoning behind it? say.. No special effect for the sound & prounciation of it?

sk said...

Mura-lee paavamaa?! btw 'Om' probably helps you cut out distractions and focus. But, focus and enlightenment are not the same.