Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jarugandi.. jarugandi...

There is nothing to lose except Time. And there is a lot to gain.

Go to places you wanted to go to, but never did. Go out, talk to people you wanted to talk to, but hardly did. They may be here with you today. You may not find them by your side when you want to. For there is little time left, dear friend! The prospect of death puts everything into perspective.

“Unheard melodies are sweeter!” Damn! What are the ears for then? Songs are meant to be heard, words are to be said. Sing your heart’s songs loud and clear!

Let go! Talk crap, have fun like a fool! For those moments are more memorable! (yeh, intelligent exchanges require several GBs of memory while the not-so-intelligent stuff require only a few bytes! So don't clog your memory and overload your system!)

The clock is ticking. You he(a)re?


murali said...

Bro..i always talk crap..:)

Durga said...

wow totally! That's what i reckon! Good one sk.