Friday, December 21, 2007

Billa – Nil-aa?

Yaarukkum theriyaatha mathiri copy adikkaravan buthisali. Aanaa, itha thaan copy adikkaraen nu sollittu copy adikkaravan thairiyasaali.

Unfortunately, with Billa, Vishnuvardhan proves himself to be neither of these. The hero of the film is Nirav Shah, the lensman, and to an extent, Anuvardhan, the costume designer and wife of the director. Except for few "inspired" pieces of BGM, Yuvan was more of a disappointment compared to his scores for other supposedly "normal run-of-the-mill" films.

If at all Filmfare comes up with an award for “the worst looking female artiste”, I am pretty much sure that would go to Namitha. Though Nayan, on the other hand, looks hot showing ample cleavage in real skimpy outfits, has a real tough time walking around with her high heels that are really really high. Especially, in the particular scene where she walks on the Polis car to save Billa, when she has so much space to walk on the side. Attitude kaattraangalaamaa… Enna koduma sir ithu! One of my dear friends told me that she must have fallen off the car at least 11 times while shooting that scene.

If at all you shift+del the scenes where Thala does nothing except to stand or walk, the film would be over in not more than 10 mins. Well, that might be a too optimistic estimate. Thala could have given some respect to his audience and put in some efforts to talk properly, leave alone acting, instead of putting on some more weight.

Notwithstanding the glaring loopholes in the original (more on that later), the original remake (sounds like an oxymoron huh!) was better I think. Ajith can’t walk, leave alone dance, can’t talk – I mean like you would expect a stylish Don would do. Now to the loophole I was talking about: I just fail to understand how you can just turn a babbling idiot into a Don over a few months of “training”. How can he just like that acquire “the survival instincts” which the Don would have acquired over several years? I should say Farhan Akhtar kind of plugged that yawning hole in his remake, twisting the “original” Don to keep the Don alive. The Don kills Vijay, who was supposed to impersonate him, and then goes on to act as Vijay masquerading as Don. Now, that’s what I call a real TWIST!

And with such films, you expect to see some attitude on the main characters in terms of the dialogue content as well as delivery. But, Billa fails pathetically and falls flat on that count. In fact, at times Ajith makes even a passable “punch” line a totally hilarious one. Just before intermission, he supposedly remembers everything about himself and says “I’m back.” It sounded like “Naan bekku.”

Yaarukkum theriyaathunnu nenachuttu copy adikkarathu kevalam. Aanaa, itha thaan copy adikkaren nu oorukkae sollittu, appuramum olungaa copy adikkalanaa athu atha vida kevalam.

Billa – romba dullaa…


Sathiyan said...


From your review, few things are evident da :)
1. You shld be a Vijay fan
2. You have been watching lion dates top 10 quite regularly
3. You were too busy watching just nayan darling in the movie that you have missed out quite a lot of other things.

Other things apart, 1 thing I surely wont agree wud be your reasoning on how a simpleton can be converted to a don in few months..dei, flashback ah otti paaru da..Vetti officers ah suthittu irunda nammalaye 24 months la top notch MBA's aakale..Jumbli ah irunda nee, SK - The anlayst, aagale..athu mathiri thaan da ithuvum.. :P

But yea, the review was good da...And readers wud have been happier if you had put nayan's pic instead of this tharuTHALAI's pic :)

Priya said...

Superb review Sk! Kalakkitte po! Haha. Love this review... I'm going to send this to my buddy. He too hated the movie to the core!!! The only thing good about this movie are the cars!! Hehe. LOL @ Nayan's high heels!! And Thala's "Can can la"! Gosh! We definitely don't talk like that man! But now after the movie, we deliberately talk like that just to make fun of Billa. Hehe..

priya said...


I can only say, no clues. But thanks for the review and its gonno take time for me to watch new tamil movies.

Happy Holidays!!!

sk said...

1. Could be true. I probably think Vijay is better than Ajith.
2. Not really... that too of late, not at all.
3. The movie was more of Ajith's ramp walk and very little of Nayan's ramp walk. Had it been the other way, do you think i would be this complaining?

And regarding your analogy of our 2 years top notch MBAs, ;) all I can do is just LOL. Satti, un nenja thottu sollu, nee antha 2 varushathukku before and after nejamaave ethavathu periya vithiyasam irukku nu feel pannriyaa?

btw, reg ur last point, you got the target audience wrong!!! ;P

sk said...

Thanks la! Can can!!! ;P

Welcome! Happy hols to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

In original remake billa,rajini cudnt speak proper tamil and deliver gud dialogues..he ws visibly handicapped compared to amitabh...who cud literally speak wit the way,the old billa sucks..

Anonymous said...

nethi dhaanya indha padatha vela vetti illaama internetla download panni paathen. tan tannnu soundu koduthu thala nadandhukkitte irukkaradhula irukkattum, "can can can la" appadinnu edho cracku manda maadhiri dialogue vidaradhu irukkattum... thala pola varuma... ippadi oru kodumaiyaana movieya kuduthadhukku andha full teamaye indian penal code padi thookkula podanum. ada cha... en lifela 2 hours waste pannittempa... :(